Under the Leg!

So, two days before a big show is probably not the time to get excited about a whole new range of moves but I bumped into this awesome tutorial on under the leg poi stuff and I can’t help but try it. I also enjoy seeing someone work with exceptionally long poi; it makes me feel like I don’t have to scrap my first and current constructed poi. Also highly considering getting this guys new instructional staff dvd.
I’ve got three shows this week for Buffalo Infringement Fest, and you should attend ALL OF THEM.

Days Park, Buffalo
Fri 27th @ 9pm
Fri 3rd @ 9pm
Sun 5th @ 9pm

Any proceeds for the show go towards me buying even better fire equipment!


Getting Started

So the plan is to turn this into a multi-page blog recording all the things I do in acquiring the million skills I want to learn. The hope here is to make it educational, practical, and to practice to keep my writing sharp. Starting out I’ll be writing about my fire spinning, probably focusing on equipment construction and maybe some theory. Next will be permaculture, I want to try to create a resource for others to learn sustainable ecosystems design so I’ll be writing about the things I learn as I read and put them into practice at the Normal and Vermont Forest Garden site.

Eventually I hope to start doing some blacksmithing and so if that happens I’ll be writing about that. Might also stretch my journalism legs and try to investigate and share some news concerning life here in the five cent city. Lastly, I want to share advice for living in community and help others to find and form community. I’ll keep you filled in as the kids of the Nickel City Housing Coop work on establishing their circus farm of the future.